First blog post

This is the post excerpt.


°Here’s the first step of a thousand miles yet to be covered…°


🙋Hey there😊…

can we talk about the sky

the moon and the stars 

how the light from the sun stirs

thoughts of harmony and rage

can we place our hopes for a better world in writing

can we construct a statement

to bring enlightment

that being you is perfect

that accepting another

as they are has an effect

on making the world a better place~Ngugi

Before one executes an idea there are several drives that could prompt the move. They range from need for self-actualization to reaching out to people. Having a blog is an idea I have had long since I realized writing could make a positive impact on peoples lives. That and the craving to let people understand some factors that affect all of us directly or indirectly.

Journey to beyond will range from poetry to short stories to anything that words can become.

The inspiration ranges from personal experiences to encounters with other people and their experiences. Therefore if you happen to have a matter out there reach-out to your homegirl .

Lets crawl, walk, run, fly, sail, however as long as we get to beyond.



If you have time to whine and complain about something then you have the time to do something about it~ Anthony J. D’Angelo.


Least you become an outcast

Eyes struck by tears

Body held together by fears

Oh yes they steer the dos

And don’ts

The how not to and what not to and the why not to

In case I forget to

Run and hide from the hope’s glimmers

It’s just a moment of shimmers

Then back to darkness

I want to scream but will you listen

I want to cry but will you perceive

The desperate cries of on who’s different receive


our place is out and away from the rest until we learn to comply

gnash in loneliness until we master the art of comply

to silence to the norm.


Monachopsis is the subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place.

Now being out of place could happen in so many situations but it all narrows down to being different whether its in opinion, ideals; thoughts; choices; behavior.

This is from varying aspects of life some that we are born into like gender: others that we are raised into such as culture and morals: others that we pick for ourselves such as preferences of music.
Basically in that lengthy statement I was pointing out on DIVERSITY.

Its human nature to be afraid of what we do not know or understand.
That basically ends up in guys hurdling up to forge a sort of movement against what the are not about or not.

Therefore everything ends up being like a revolution to compete on who gets what they stand for heard even if its at the expense of another.

With that…battle of the sexes continues, misunderstanding of races. intolerance of tribes all the way to having different body shapes and sizes. All we are doing is , making each other monachopsis.

The truth is in order to make one feel oppressed or to feel oppressed one is a misfit. The moment we understand that differences don’t set up apart they make us beautiful… I mean would the 🌈 rainbow fascinate if it was one color?

Yes we are one…You and I regardless of beliefs, culture, opinions, gender, race, ethnicity, height, body size and shape… Beyond all that we are humans. Maya Angelou says…

No matter what the difference is.. It shouldn’t stop us from journeying beyond. No monachopsis❤


You’re afraid to let yourself be happy because you know it never lasts.~ J. B

Yes, I am afraid of the dark,
Ever since I felt the devil’s nails scratch my back,
And the demon faces could never stop invading my night;
They carry their knives
Taunting this feeble life
Of mine,
Trying to make me go blind
And not see the pleasure of happiness waft scents of hopelessness
Blow winds of terror. Remind me that I am nothing…. but a horror
So everything will wither
As long as it went through my palms
Don’t get me wrong I intended no harm
But the dark spells out fear
Someone with shears?
Shred this wool let me see the light. Anyone with a flashlight I could borrow your light
To shine over my plight
I am afraid of the dark~ Sleeky&Nemo

Eccedentesiast refers to someone who hides pain behind a smile.

Do you have a brain? Is it healthy? Do you know what being mentally healthy is all about?

Mental health is an issue that has been echoed very much this year in an effort to fight the stigma accompanied with mental illnesses as well as myths. First and foremost;

Yes there is an official month for mental health. It good to note that as far as one has a mind honey you had better cared for your mental health. It is defined as a level of psychological wellness or absence of mental illness that is functioning at a satisfactory level of emotional and behavioral adjustment.

Mental health can be disrupted by issues going down in one’s life. Technically from the description of who knew is in an example of three things (I will use myself as the subject matter)

1. I am a female.

2. I am a student.

3. I am a Kenyan.

The above three points are basic things that could cause stress as one proceeds to break them down;

I being a female has the question of societal expectations that one learns as they grow up some are unnecessary and seem okay because they have been practised from the days of my ancestors. The radar used to know if one is ideal. It goes both ways being a male too.

Being a student you are under pressure of performing; assignments; enjoying your youth; maintaining a healthy social life; so as to make something of yourself and your time. Now don’t get me wrong passing is good but how you get there can become a lot to handle at times probably you are doing I course you don’t like or other aspects such as fees are distracting.

Lastly was your country issues going on such as unrest could foster an environment of fear and uncertainty; the economy being higher than you left it yester night could be an issue can you afford a meal to have; a roof over your head?

The point am driving home is that mental health affects you and I; thus we shouldn’t be scared of talking about it rather be curious of finding out ways to stay healthy mentally. Let’s journey together from being eccedentesiast to being insouciant

I will exhaust as many issues as I can here for better understanding.

Meanwhile loves🖤 stay healthy wholesomely.


How beautifully you are learning the art of surrender; the courage to let go; in the wild of your unknowns~ Morgan Harper Nichols.

Have you ever had

To unlearn someone

At one point you thought they were the one

And the lights go out

Curtains close

You have to unlearn every line of the play

Every line you would have sang even in your sleep

You have to let it slip

Like restore settings for a phone or laptop or that gadget with a virus

How do you turn over a new leaf when memories are engraved to it

And time

Time sips 🍵 it’s cup of chocolate watching telling you it will heal you

The longer it takes feels like it will kill you

Have you ever had to unlearn someone

Maybe it’s time you learnt a new play

“Living without them”

The brain heart body mind and soul will resist

But you have to persist

Sing it dance it recite it

Till every letter reassures you that the hustle and tussle of holding on to an outdated play isn’t worth it

It may be a classic but suited for the archives

And maybe just maybe

This new play will be the joy that flows and makes you sway

Shall we learn the new play? ~Nemo

Petrichor is the wonderful smell in the air after its been raining.

Love and heartbreaks have been sang about over and over since time immemorial. They feel like thunder and hail storms; end of every beautiful thing or a new beginning with no clue of where or how to start😨😨.

Each story may be different yet relatable. The same story will always have two sides; one will seem more justified or believable than another. It may leave wounds that may take a while to heal; in turn result to scars; that may take their precious time to accept.

I won’t call it life or say it happens or say there’s more fish in the sea… I will call it a chapter in this book of life that you had to write whether the ending was good or not but before you flip the page my dear; make a summary of the lessons.

Not forgetting to note:

“Until you get comfortable with being alone, you will never know if you’re choosing someone for love or loneliness.”~Mandy Hale.

So love when you feel you can stand the rain and the thunder scares you… Don’t forget the Petrichor is on its way; so enjoy it while it lasts.😊


Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve~J.K Rowling

P.c 📷 Iswerve🔥

Breathe just breathe

It’s days such as this

You look back and smile

As you mile in nostalgia

Of every nerve muscle and ounce of you it took

How times such as these shook you

Till you wonder if it’s really worth

So breathe just breathe

It’s not the last but a continuation of many to come

So keep calm

And breathe

Take in every moment as it unfolds

Take note of how hazy the vision gets

So when you get to look back

You will grin with pleasure that it was worth

So let the games continue

Just don’t forget to breathe~Ngugi

Cc: Sleeky

From projects to work; goals to dreams; aspirations to needs of self actualisation. Each person has something they are working round the clock to see it grow as well as succeed. It gets to a point that it drains too much and you start wondering whether it is worth the hustle😣🙄 you are 👌 that close to disregarding it all “Bora uhai shenanigans😂” meaning all that matters is life. I won’t hit you with the remember why you began but truth is it only gets better and if it doesn’t honey you get better.

You understand yourself and the extremes you can go under pressure. Hey hey before you roll your eyes😂 think about it such times drive you to the lowest and it feels like there little or no progress; if there is any you wonder what’s it for but at these times you learn how to get yourself in order.

How to breathe under water so don’t panic just RESPIRER!

De nuevo.

We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious  of our treasures~ anonymous

    Photo by @deeneezoh  Model@254_troy

The last time I felt loved

I was holding a little one in my arms

The little one was of a gender highly affiliated to heartless beings

For their ruthless nature of handling many of my kind

Females just feeble and extremely gullible

But this particular time I felt loved sincerely

Yes I wasn’t pardoned from the many “you are my one” …”I would catch a grenade for you” statements

And sweet nothing’s that make you think you are his world

Only for reality to hit you that you were just a small village with no hope of development

The last time I felt loved 

I had a little one in arms

And his genuine little smile 

Caressed every wound left behind

In a battle to guard what was never mine

The innocent chuckle swept over the scars of my broken heart 

It reminded me that for a heart to be broken it must have loved

For it to heal it must let go 

It must learn the art of welcoming another

The last time I felt loved 

A little one was in my arms

And I craddled him to sleep

He reminded me that these arms could have truly clung on a pathological liar

But that doesn’t render them unworthy of a truthful one

They were still a safe haven of some sort

So the last time I felt loved 

I held a little one in my arms

He was of a gender I affiliate to beautiful creatures 

That sometimes their insecurities overflow to others

And they smear them on you

The burden of finding the man they are becomes heavy 

And some choose to toss it on you 

And you change yourself to fit their want

It breaks you

But that doesn’t mean all are the same

Yet to understand this you have to risk it all again

Maybe this time it won’t be the last you feel loved~Ngugi

To be human is to love even when it gets too much~ Sia(To be human)

Have you even been attached to a pet or a toy and even if you “grow out of it” you cant necesarily give it up. Then again life been life you have to part with it. What is left behind is a wound. Each person has a thing, things, a person or people they hold closely to their heart. The closer one gets; the more you get rid of any caution that your attachment could lead to you getting hurt at one point.

 I mean who doesn’t like a good thing lasting forever?

However losses come and one has to find a way to pick up but before getting there one has to come to terms with been broken.

A heart that’s broke is a heart that has been loved~Ed sheeran.(supermarket flowers)

In instances you lose a loved one or irreconcilable differences arise so the relationship has to end; its likely to feel like part of you has left. This is because to love is to make room for another. Sometimes it makes you hostile to anything affiliated no matter how slightly to the memories you have and at times you choose to forget even if it means forcing oneself. It could leave you vulnerable to mental instability the likes of anxiety, depression, phobias among others we shall exhaust later on.

The thing about being broken means saying goodbye. Letting go is a process with its set of difficulties and trying again to make room seems close to impossible. Then again on the bright side…

It let’s you see where you neglected yourself and in the case of losing a loved one the positive things they left with you make you even better but only if you let them.

 De nuevo is Spanish for again. That is letting another person or another thing say a failed attempt in something; having a go at it once more. The truth of the matter is it won’t be guaranteed to be hurt free but neither is locking yourself out.

Let it spark de nuevo❤👼


 And you? When are you going to begin that journey into yourself? ~Rumi

Men do not cry

their emotions aren’t meant to pry

all the way to the top

yes you should stop

them waterfalls before they surface

the waterfalls show you are weak

no you shant be meek

no you shant break


Men do not cry.

when emotional storms ramage

the impact of the damage

shall and will remain withheld

for since time immemorial

It has been echoed like a Psalms responsorial

the man is an epitome of strength

they do not make vulnerable statements

they depict what is meant by unwavering strength

no room for breaking

Put it together even if feigning

don’t be a wuss your sorrows opening up


so those tears pour on the insides

Those sores cover them up 

Its what men do

Or is it?

  • Who is a man?  What defines a man; his background family-wise; his friends; his lifestyle, being raised in a functional or broken family?

 According to the Oxford Dictionary a man is a male human; so we can ascertain that being biologically structured with male genitalia makes you a man. Apart from that there are things one picks on the way or society dishes them on your plate about being a man.

  • Mwanaume ni… Jasho
  • Mwananume ni kujikaza
  • Mwanaume ni kufyeka wote
  • Mwanaume ni  wallet
  • Mwanaume ni height….                            Society has done a great job painting a man as a pillar; a stronghold that shouldn’t have any lines of weakness and if any they should be hidden away as soon as possible. This could be in simple examples like when little boys are playing and one gets badly hurt but because he is man he should show it. This goes on to within even as a man grows he is not expected to show when psychologically things are not in place.

Any act of being overly affectionate could easily be termed as ‘umama’😕 (helooo someone stone these people) Some of these things are overrated some true but at the end of the day who are you yourself.

The fact that society will always be screaming and shouting sometimes you get to miss the point and end up have jumbled up ideas. You can be kind, you can show affection, you can say when you are not in a good place emotionally and psychologically. Being human means you are wired to be vulnerable so don’t fight it. They will say how will the head of the family breakdown but at times its until the pieces are on the ground that we learn how to work with what we have; we learn to restructure and  work with whatever we have. Besides even the human head looks away from the sun when its too bright and why to protect the eyes so protect yourself honey you don’t get another shot. 


 The ideal man is no rocket science; its not marked by the length of your hitlist its not marked by abs or biceps or whether you are in the beard gang or the size of your pocket. Its more of making choices that may defy the norm of ‘the man’ like making people cry only that its tears of joy saying no to the guys because what they do doesn’t excite you. Society has a long way to go learning to quit double standards in the list of dos and don’ts in the mean time love…unlock yourself and be you without limits. Yes. WITHOUT LIMITS.

  As we raise them to be ideal men let’s remember to let them appreciate the blooming flowers, the singing of the birds the beauty all around him because he is human and unique as you and I no more box characters.

Hey guys🙋 I had been gone for a while but am back. Let me hear your thoughts on Ideal part 2 . 

Like , share, react let’s continue the journey to beyond…❤❤



























































Ideal (part one)

According to the oxford dictionary ideal means satisfying ones conception of what perfect is; most suitable, existing only in ones imagination.

Various opinions of what an ideal person, couple, family, stretching over to lifestyle among other crucial factors that differ from person to person have been going around. At times its goes to points that defy reality as much as majority carries the day what happens to they who fall outside the criteria? 

Its an all gender issue that tends to come out as a box that we all should fit in…but let’s talk female for today…😂😅come on… International Women’s Day came first; we celebrated the would be 90th birthday of Maya Angelou a renown champion for everyone finding their own self and strength👑

Who is an ideal woman?

She ranges from different heights, skin texture and tones, body shape, eye color hair lenght and color ,the list is just endless. 

 The funny thing is that the variable isn’t constant. Today the world wakes to melanin tomorrow Petite the next height of 4’5… The thing is each person will always voice what they think ideal is character to appearance however what do you think?  

As for me diversity equals ideal which is:

The woman who does not require validation is the most feared individual on the planet~ Mohadesa Najumi.

In a world that’s moving great storms to extinguish the fire set up by a woman who defies idealism in its eyes and draws it as her own… It calls for strength

Strength of a woman

Is not only defined by

Sitting and waiting to be broken over and over

Holding on to the repetitive cycle of abuse

Being under a tread mill of pain

See strength of a woman

Is not defined by tying oneself

To pain and sorrow of knowing you are not the only one

When he calls you babe

Strength of a woman is not only depicted

When everyday you put down your dreams

And aspirations

So to keep together what you have 

Or you imagine to have

Strength of a woman is saying 

No to abusive relationships

No to non-progressive friendships

No to bermuda-destined ships

You can’t deck the docks of a ship to nowhere

Or be made to feel less of yourself and you are aware 

Of the queen that you are

Strength of a woman is wanting to keep your head held up high

Not going back or looking back

Even if the past barks

Even when the good times sometime glimmer

And make you shimmer in nostalgia

Strength of a woman is knowing your worth 

Living and loving yourself

And not letting another trample all over your throne

Choose your kind of strength and don’t stop working it out 

At least however it goes

You will be sure it was your choice 

No more agreeing nods

Yes lets hear your voice

Your opinion of a strong woman~Ngugi

Leave a comment,or an opinion your view is the wind that sails us to beyond . Till next time.